Summer (thesumo) wrote in puucyouth,

For many of you who didn't make it Sunday..

Su copied a pamphlet about a young man "I was gay... but I changed." The way I understood it, she asked us to look up the bible verses referenced in the pamphlet and try to put them in context or see if they are different in different versions of the Bible. I've just skimmed over this, but it tells about how he was confronted by a friend I believe, and these are verses used to back up the statements he makes about Jesus and about homosexuality. If anyone wants to tackle a few of these that may be interesting, go for it :). You can find Bible verse online, and different versions may have completely different verses that could be interpretted differently, so that could be interesting to see. It's always good to see where someone else is coming from. (I've listed the verses in a comment to this entry)
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